I remember one time in Amsterdam, I was enjoying a warm afternoon at an outdoor café.  I had a beer and some food.  I was being entertained and amused by the party at the next table over.  They were already well on their way and they were still going strong.  They were cleaning out the stems and seeds from their weed and rolling joints.  The waiter reprimands them, “You can’t have that here.”


They were apologetic, “Oh, we’re sorry.” They began to put their weed away.  The waiter stated, “Oh no, that’s okay.”  One of them had a milkshake from Burger King and they were being informed that outside beverages were not allowed.


Pretty cool moment

cleaning stems and seeds okay

no outside beverage




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This is humorously ironic. 

This is humorously ironic.  Reality is often the best human comedy, Balzac notwithstanding.


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C'est la vie

C'est la vie