with a Star Wars flick

on the tube

it gets so

I can’t rationalize

this is just

a pretty good fantasy


but it doesn’t seem

to get much beyond that


hence I just write

down these thoughts

over a couple beers


I won’t wax poetic

or rhapsodic

on the importance

of this moment


I’ll just let it be

as there’s not much else

to be said



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When Star Wars premiered in

When Star Wars premiered in 1977, it caused an immediate disagreement between me and the second Great Love of my life.  She had written to me while I was still at school, informing me that we WOULD be viewing it as soon after my return home as possible.  Ultimately, severe disagreement over the film led to arguments that began to undermine the relationship.  

  I wish . . . oh how I wish . . . that in those days, I had had enough sense to say, to her, something like the wisdom contained in your poem's last seven lines.  That kind of diplomacy would have spared me a lot of frustration and grief.  I applaud your poem:  the good sense it presents is applicable to far more than just that film.


[* /+/ ^]

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I Miss Movies


All my dvd git shelved. melted down my 4th vid-player. 6th novel -sci-fi- & 1 street novel done. no tv - fine tooth combing anither potential money makers. Hope lived. If all goes well I can buy a movie theater Ha! A poetic waxing rhapsodic dream :D