using one of

my many aliases

I saunter the streets


in my indecision


pull the shades down

over my eyes

never let them see

the hesitation or the fear


I answer to many names

but I ignore the calls

I sift thru my messages

and determine

which are worthwhile


the strenuous act

of self determination

Secrecy held dear

the hat and coat

conceal my true identity


I walk amongst the crowd;

pass thru busy train station

inconspicuously eat hot dogs

purchased from street vendors


I slowly sip cheap beers

at a neighborhood bar

but no one sees me

or even knows my name


and I just answer

to “Bob” or “Jim” or “Steve”

I don’t care for

my pseudonym I just use it

to my advantage


freedom reflected

in solitary refinement

and an endless supply

of irrational fears


well, using my adopted moniker

I happily prance

thru an urban daydream

that has yet to solve

a very singular puzzle




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Starward's picture

You express this very well,

You express this very well, and the poem reminds me of an experience I had forty-five years ago, so I can really relate to the resonance of this poem.


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georgeschaefer's picture

I'm always pleased when

I'm always pleased when something I write has resonance and meaning for the reader.  That makes me feel that maybe I'm doing something worthwhile.