After enjoying a fine meal at an Indian restaurant in Newtown, the waiter asks if anyone would like dessert.  For once, I have room for dessert and order Kulfi.  Much to my dismay, the waiter brings out a cup of coffee.  I had my mouth all set for mango flavored ice cream and this schmuck is bringing me a cup of coffee. 


I had to explain my true intentions.  He was apologetic and brought out some kulfi.  He felt bad and let me keep the cup of coffee as well.  I was hardly upset.  It was a simple misunderstanding and hopefully everyone garnered a chuckle out of it.


Kulfi or coffee

that is truly the question

for all the ages



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Mango Flavored Ice Cream?

DOES that come in NO SUGAR ADDED? :D




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I never thought to ask.  It

I never thought to ask.  It is tasty though