elbow room

on a subway

lonely alone


masses dwindled


we approach

our stop



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I feel like these words

I feel like these words should be "written on the subway walls", to borrow from Paul Simon. To take it further, scribbled on every seat in the subway. And I mean that in every last way that could be artistic and meaningful.


Having grown up taking the subway, I managed to live in the big city long enough to see just how much the lifeblood of the city came to live by these very words you penned. To awkwardly sit directly across someone while you both try to look at every remaining location of the train car not occupied by a human body, a human face, is a completely incompatable experience with the social creatures we are meant to be, but it is also a trained default setting of the subway ride.

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thank you for reading and

thank you for reading and commenting.  Perhaps one day they will be.