ECW wrestling fans

are bad

when someone misses

a maneuver

the crowd starts chantin,

“You fucked up!

You fucked up!”


It’s kind of juvenile

when you think about it

so don’t think about it


just take it at face value

and accept it

for what it is

which is just entertainment


but it is a bad influence

even though

everyone is too busy

blaming it on television

but I don’t really

see a difference


I watch

and I listen

but it gets hard,

at times,

not to fall under the spell


there are times at work

when someone makes a booboo

and I want to start chanting

“You fucked up!!

You fucked up!”

but I bite my tongue


there are times

at the grocery store

when someone drops a bag

of groceries on the floor

and I note the error

but keep tongue in check


sometimes I find

myself changing,

“EC-dub! EC-dub!”

which is code for

“You fucked up!

You fucked up!”


and it makes me feel

like a buffoonish cartoon

much like the wrestlers themselves


I ain’t sure

if there’s more merit in it

but it sure is fun





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Pungus's picture

Gosh you have got to be the

Gosh you have got to be the most entertaining poet

that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Your mind 

looks really good with how fresh your expession is.

georgeschaefer's picture

Thank you.  I love this site

Thank you.  I love this site because I can post material from my entire life as I find it or rediscover it.  It's fantastic to have a small core of people who do enjoy the writing that I do. 

Januarian's picture

I really applaud your comment

I really applaud your comment here.  You have---both precisely and succinctly---stated one of the great joys of posting poetry to a site like this.  Thank you for giving expression to the privilege that postpoems provides to all of us.


[* /+/ ^]

georgeschaefer's picture

It is great because it

It is great because it provides freedom to a lot of talented poets and writers to be able to express themselves without fear of rejection.  The editors at the journals and zines often get it wrong.  This helps correct that.