cuz of these feelings
that rise

every time I think of you

I see you there


walking down the avenue

and my heart beats

like a Celtic Warrior;’

my blood

boils over like

 that of a witch’s cauldron

I think of you

kindly thinking

of warm fireplaces

and red roses

over dinner theatre

but there’s empathy

and sympathy

but passion held

to simmering

and along with you

fantasy does not

yet become

reality sought.

At a distance

everything remains



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"reality sought"

the heart of the matter remains. Nice write 65 more to go.

Lady A


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as if I would seek out

as if I would seek out reality

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This is an excellent

This is an excellent evocation, but the insight presented in the last two lines is so profoundly moving that I had to read them twice just to take the message in.  Wow!  Those two lines are the kind that other poets (including this one) wish, or will wish, that they had written.  I applaud the greatness of the whole poem, and its stunning conclusion; quite an accomplishment!!!


[* /+/ ^]

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the more that things change

the more that things change the more they stay the same