It’s almost tomorrow

the defector cries

as he secedes

from the Union


Almost tomorrow—almost today

            we have tried

             to end the malaise

             of concrete disease

             & layered pestilence

       and hence

       we have ultimately



The end, they say, is near

and yet

we still have faith

          1994 aside

          the Holocaust

          shall not return


to curse the thousands

            who arise


to face down the abysss

and overcome


No!  Give up?  Never!

Somehow it seems

we have found a way


         to overcome

         the obstacles

         that stare us down

         in the waking

         moments of dawn


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Hopefully, as a contribution,

Hopefully, as a contribution, I offer these thoughts: The key, I think, is to keep us all in a state of "it's almost tomorrow." Never realizing, if a success, that - sooner or later - tomorrow was yesterday, as we continue to think "it's almost tomorrow" for the rest of our days. In the vein of that thought ,what if it is already true that 'almost tomorrow' was said and gone, yesterday?

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thank you for your thoughts. 

thank you for your thoughts.  A lot of almost tomorrow's are now yesterday but today I still feel like it's getting closer to tomorrow.

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Agreed. Your way of saying is

Agreed. Your way of saying is more entertaining, by far, than watching it actually unfold.


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By the way, kudos for

By the way, kudos for mentioning the 1994 genocide. People are rarely invited to recall that.