Lacking substance of truth we find

             the Hollow man

looking out his window of delusion

laughing at the substantial lies

            of modern reality. . .

                              he sees


the many stars and dreams that elude


that are beyond our grasp yet inches

              from our hearts


        He is

a man among men or a child among children


no one pays him heed supersonic speeding

                 past him

on a highway to nirvana that doesn’t exist


we couldn’t even create save thru the


we deflated at dawn; cut loose at dusk


     No we

do not see the same as he in his colored

speckles of diamond shape visions

          we are not

nearly rich enough in soul to even

approach the grandeur of his heartfelt ways


     No we

do not have the warmth of heart

spiritual emotional triumph of compassion—

          do we?

Perhaps, perhaps it is our lack of dreams

that descends us to the marching sounds

          of our times

just rambling by us as our cool, dreamless eyes

just stare at the sky without seeing the blue


      but perhaps

it merely takes a satori for us to be


to the glory to the potential of fulfilled


and triumph over the darkness of pestilence

               and cynicism




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To me, this poem reads more

To me, this poem reads more true than The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot.  And I spent three years in a deep study of his poetry; but you describe the process of being a Hollow Man in terms far more poignant, and far more direct, than he used.  And, though he was great, and won the Nobel Prize, he avoided controversial subjects (except for his faith); and, in my opinion, avoidance is not really a fit subject for poetry.  Anyhow, what I am attempting to say---is this is an excelent poem!  Very, very excellent.


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I am humbled by your kind

I am humbled by your kind words

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A word appropriate at many conditional crossroads of 2021. Pestilence: I have not heard Covid called that. It is. I do look at he sky hoping for blue and when it is there the looking up was worthwhile. ~S~



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I can overcome the pestilence

I can overcome the pestilence but I find myself clinging to cynicism