Shopping cart of life

sounds too much likie

a bad 80’s song

but I’m Philly born

so I’ll ride that cart

thru the malls

and parking lots


no point in filling the cart

like a tapeworm

it consumes everything

continually hungering for more


stick to renewable

stick to reusable

as the void can

never be filled


and only a fool thinks

the cart can be filled

to be satisfied






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Ah, yes. We are human, but

Ah, yes. We are human, but are raised to be tapeworms, indeed. Tapeworms via messaging from the t/v, tapeworms via messaging at school, tapeworms via, now, the internet. Tapeworms via sports, politics and "the arts publica". Does the cure therefore kill us, as it does the tapeworm? Or is humanity still alive within, and ready to walk free of the outer tapeworm skin?

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then again, maybe we are the

then again, maybe we are the tapeworms of the planet.