She came around

wearing a pink miniskirt

and bright red lipstick

that reeked sexiness


She told me all about

her boyfriend of 5 years

and what a disappointment

he’s become and that

she’s looking for a real man

but doesn’t know where to start


so I tell her

in a low voice

that I ain’t

the one

she’s looking for—


to be totally flabbergasted

when she says

she knows that already

and doesn’t want me at all

and never has


I look at her firm tits

and tight ass

and “Bitch!” is the first word

that comes to mind

but I bite my tongue

to keep it from expressing itself


tis a shame

I think

and her blue eyes

contradict her convictions

but I let it pass

for better or worse


It ain’t the time

or the place

for anything to happen


I watch her tight ass

swaying toward the door

and she turns to me

and says “Thank you.”


Though God only knows
what the Hell

she’s thanking me for.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

sadly, the story of my life

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I experienced something like

I experienced something like that, most recently in 1992, and the memory still stings just a bit.  I think it happens far more than any of us really imagine.


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We all have certain regrets

We all have certain regrets that haunt us.  That is part of the human tragedy/comedy.  If we ever learned things would get mighty boring.