In the beginning

remember the delight

and anticipation


those precious early pumpkin ales

that preceded the trend;

preceded the avalanche

     of untimely abomination


that first pumpkin ale

with the allspice

     and the doughy finish

ah, such enchantment


but chasing the dragon

won’t abide;

going to the well—

or the pumpkin patch—

a thousand times too often


indeed the thrill is gone.



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Nutmeg Coffee

October Nectar. Yeah. 



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I like to add nutmeg to my

I like to add nutmeg to my coffee

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i love you, motherfucker!...

i love you, motherfucker!... but you hold back... and it makes me so... so... inconsolable... like gentle Rachel weeping in the Old Testament... her children were no more... I'm keeping the Kettle One in the freezer now... and it shoots like a tight young swarthy gay man's asshole in Pride Week... you know?... MORE, G. Schaefer... and i'll know if you're holding back.



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try the sweet potato beers

try the sweet potato beers instead.  a bit mellower