I wander, I drift

I roam the mountains and rivers

& great cities of the Earth

but I keep stumbling back

upon Rimbaud and Nietzsche


Everything we’re taught is false

my thought process tries

to betray my origins

but it doesn’t hold water

any more than an injured bladder


It seems a constant awareness

of the fraudulent fictions

that are portrayed

by a self serving media

with a hidden agenda


and I’m considering

Brendan Behan

And for Jaysus sake

I will have another beer;

truer words never spoken


A match is struck

and all human kind

is raised to another level

and I still fancy

we may have a chance

to saunter above the mess


and the Japanese radios

are greatly outselling us

but they still can’t

find Zen nirvana satori

with all their technology


so I reckon, in retrospect

that one can never know

any of the dirty laundry aired out

over the sonic media

and the intelligence revolution

leaves us dumbfounded


Without my versified answers

the facts are presented

and hearsay is now

admissible evidence

depending on your station


well, the timing

is just too perfect

to not be

the least bit suspicious

of some foul play

in the situation


stories told, yes indeed,

I hear the lovely tales

as they wiggle in the wind

reaching new heights

each time they are told



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  • Was a very perceptive year apparently, tale told.
  • :D