Bored on a Friday evening

Clerks 2 on a premium channel

my eyes riveted to the screen

though the plot’s kind of thin


It’s hard to give a flying fuck

about Jersey geeks and Vinnies

running about filled with self pity

blaming everyone but themselves


but it’s still a great reminder

just how hot is Rosario Dawson



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Now that's determination.

Now that's determination. Like finding flowers in the cracks of decay Wink

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but Rosario Dawson--need I

but Rosario Dawson--need I say more.

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made me chuckle - never saw Clerk 1 or 2. Didnt miss much it seems :D



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The first one was really

The first one was really clever if you like independent film.  It really got into the heart of a certain segment of the New Jersey psyche.