we dream

of ventures

neverending quest

to arrive at sweet ecstasy



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a Fibbbonaci poem is named after the mathematician.  The syllable is based on a mathematical formula.  Rather than try to explain the formula and get it wrong, I'll just provide the syllable sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8.  It's a 6 line poem.

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The Fib Sequence

is mentioned in the Da Vinci Code novel.



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I just did it as part of a

I just did it as part of a poetry challenge

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Its in DNA, its in nearly

Its in DNA, its in nearly everything! Great sequence... the number of life 1.618' or inverse 0.168. Leonardo didn't discover it. He learned it from Arabs who preserved it from classical Greece pyhagorus and hypocrites to name a few, before the renaissance classical revival. Its been known for years. Also used in Ancient Egyptian pyramids and Sumerian art, temples and ideologies. The ancients were highly intelligent.

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I was hoping for some alien

I was hoping for some alien DNA when I got tested.