I used to work

with a serial killer

which is a kind

of unique distinction


It’s a good one

but at this point

in the game

I have to take

whatever I can get


It was several years ago

and the company

was hiring temps

to pick up the slack


one guy came in

and several of the women

liked him

and thought

he was a nice guy


I don’t know why

but I took

an instant disliking

to the guy


I remember

trying to rationalize

this immediate disdain

“He’s an asshole

but it’s not like

he’s killing anyone.”


then one day

he was arrested
right in the warehourse

and everyone

was really surprised

at what he did


I must admit

I was surprised

that he did what he did

even though

I never liked him


Just because

someone is an asshole

doesn’t mean

you have to think

they’re committing murder


you just think

they’re an asshole

and that’s just

the end of it.


He was no Jeffrey Dahmer

but that’s little


to any of the women

he murdered


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Right Next To You

Life in all its variety - fact v fiction - evil comes from somewhere. ~S~



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creeped me out for weeks

creeped me out for weeks

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What an eerie account.  For

What an eerie account.  For decades, I have often wondered if Jack the Ripper had held down an ordinary day job, before and after his murder spree, just one more Londoner scraping by for a living . . . while making, excuse the pun, a killing in Whitechapel.


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It was weird when it went

It was weird when it went down.  You wondered and now you know--at least for one case.