Overswept by

             the vortex

     of Cuban cigars

            and Czech drama

     in Jeffersonian jargon


the slanguage

      of the masses

   desecrated by

          a TV news anchorwoman


  the economy

               of my brain

        is destroying

             the ozone layer

       as input overload

causes short circuit

                circa 1989


the lay people are confused

the law people are confused


the end of experimentation


    the rebirth

      of racism; sexism


the panic of

        castle builders

on overtime

    for $122 an hour


as another stiff

          is starving

 in a one star motel


              drinking cheap beer

         and eating

  Dinty Moore beef stew


with a 19 inch

      black and white TV

             on the blink


and the sun is sinking

      in the West


the variations on Rimbaud

     & the obiter dictums

are stymied by the onslaught


of the sweet poison

                  of Jacquin’s

and Europa asks for a retrial


but the odds have always

            been against me


functioning at half speed

           I wearily tote

    my body along

super highways drawn

            across the American landscape


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allets's picture

Nice Juxtapositioning

"lay people". v. "law people" 



georgeschaefer's picture

It always comes back to

It always comes back to juxtaposition

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"functioning at half speed I

"functioning at half speed I wearily tote my body along

super highways drawn across the American landscape"

-------- interesting wording, very descriptive.     Stephen

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much thanks, the journey

much thanks, the journey continues