It ain’t always so easy

to be a poet

when you gotta worry

about readings

and trying to get published

and more often than not

the rewards you reap

are purely intrinsic

and people laugh at you

and mock you

for being such

a gullible fool


but what else could you do?


Probably nothing

and that’s why you persist.


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Wallace Stevens was an

Wallace Stevens was an insurance lawyer who became a vice president of the Hartford Insurance company.  W.C. Williams was a pediatrician.  Paul Claudel was a career diplomat, reachng the rank of Ambassador (to Japan; and then to the United States).  I left high school wishing that poets could have it easy.  Stevens taught me, among so many other things, that a day job, a career outside academia, was not antithetical to poetry and, in fact, was good for it.  He sometimes referred to poets who were professors as "kept men." 


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Burroughs was an

Burroughs was an exterminator.  Kerouac worked on a loading dock.  Not all poets and novelists live in the ivory tower.

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“Kept Men”

Priceless. ~S~ 



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Yep, Pop Stevens could really

Yep, Pop Stevens could really turn a phrase---on the written page or, as they told me at school, in conversation.


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True. However, a day job you like doesn't hurt.


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much like Bukowski (and also

much like Bukowski (and also A.D. Winans, Jack London and Fyodor Dostoevsky), I managed to get a government gig to pay the bills.

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I Called It Two Careers

Wayne Ciunty Friend of the Court and Visiting Nurse Assiciation and Job Corps brought home the bacon. The novels are a dream. ~S~



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Need that cash to feed that

Need that cash to feed that jones

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4 life :D




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Not addicted to money but I

Not addicted to money but I need money to pay for anything else that I might be addicted to.