a penny

for your thoughts

though I bet

you’re smart enough

to know

that I don’t

really give a damn

about your plight

or the battles

that you face


it just ain’t enough

to rouse my interest

and make it

something I must

do something about

so I just engage

in token politisms

to keep up face

and try to make myself

look a little better

than I actually am





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I Am A Genuine Care Giver

So long as I can do it at a distance. Hands on - not family, I admire those non-mentors who handle bedpans. Other problems - I am always willing to listen To a point. Don't ask for money, for example. :D



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I stick to token gestures and

I stick to token gestures and hope they don't know

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The nature of the beast.

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and the beauty

and the beauty