You know what sucks

is when you drop

the bowl

and spill your ganja

all over the floor

and you end up

on your hands and knees

with a flashlight

trying to locate

the misplaced buds

and you end up 

getting rug hairs

in your weed


Which isn’t necessarily

going to enhance the buzz

but I’m not certain

it does any harm either

and we’re so jonesing

to catch a buzz

that we’ll take our chances

on whatever is there


though the outside world sniffles

and wonders

how can you do that?

and you don’t really care

to have

to explain yourself

to anyone else

but you suddenly feel

as though

an explanation is owed.


It isn’t

but you’ll try anyway


No one can ever

accuse you

of a lack of effort—

that’s for damn sure








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allets's picture

Oh Dear!

Dog hair in the stuff, Oh no! ~s~



georgeschaefer's picture

good thought!  blame the dog

good thought!  blame the dog and not my poor housekeeping

Morningglory's picture


Oh but burnt hair still just has that terrible smell and flavor

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roll me up and smoke me when

roll me up and smoke me when I'm gone like Willie and Snoop once sang.