Cable is the greatest thing

I get to watch wrestling

all the time now


Wrestling is

almost an art form

if you consider

surrealism and dada


they said the ultimate

act of surrealism

would be to randomly

open fire in a crowd.


the choreographed violence

of wrestling

is like

a ballet of the absurd


love & hate & jealousy

& the desire to excel

meet in the madness

of the squared circle


the careful tones

of the orchestra

set a hush over the crowd


It is a primal feud

of medieval proportions

the giant warriors meet

in the middle of the ring;


a frenzied crowd screams

for a bloodbath

of Roman proportion


The savage fury

of Picasso’s cubism

is boldly reflected

in the battle of the ring


as chairs are swung

and a pencil becomes

a bloodletting weapon

instead of a tool

for artist and poet


the ultimate battlefield

for the surrealistic eye

It always adds up


which is all it is


and all we could

really hope

for it to be




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I Don't Know

what to say. There was a joke: wrestling is real and golf is rigged. Like that. See. Nothing. Cool write.:D slc



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I don't trust anyone that

I don't trust anyone that says wrestling is fake.

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Wrestling is a religious experience for many people.  The arena is the cathederal. The ring is the altar.  --  Stephen

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You're from Texas so you had

You're from Texas so you had the mostly now deceased Von Erich family.  I have a hard time with the WWE these days but it used to be close to religion for me as a young man.  thanks for reading and commenting.