I forgot my manner

and ran afoul

of political correctness.


I acknowledged 

liking hetero sex

and seeing Fleetwood Mac

live in concert.


I said the wrong thing

completely oblivious

to the Nazis patrolling

social media pages


So now the twitter twats

of the world

get to rant and rave 

endlessly about my sins


Sins, for which, 

I am fully unaware

and completely unrepentant.


Twitter twats be damned

I still believe 

in the First Amendment.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

no explanation required

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Stephen's picture

Someone needed to say it.

White , male by birth male by choice, hetrosexual Stephen

georgeschaefer's picture

I'm actually pretty

I'm actually pretty liberal--at least socially--but a lot of things go too far.

highroad's picture


This was a very clever and enjoyable poem, politically and socially clever indeed

Riad Rababeh

georgeschaefer's picture

I think we all need to dial

I think we all need to dial it down a couple notches but tater tot twitter twat.  I know I'm bad but I couldn't resist.  thanks for reading and commenting.