When we sat together

on the bus

I talked to you


and tried to suggest


that you & I

should have dinner

and take in

a movie

but you weren’t


thrilled with my plan


and thus when

my stop came

I got off alone

to continue

my solitary march

to nirvana


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To The Movies On The Bus

When little, magical, older - a Hajj. Love'em! 



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still following unknown

still following unknown marching orders

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Everyone seems to have some

Everyone seems to have some memories of a busride or busrides.

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On the bus

So getting off the bus leads to nirvana? 

Cuz I thought being on the bus was nirvana. 

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I always got off the bus to

I always got off the bus to walk into the theatre to see the show.

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I am sooo On the Bus! I am the bus. 

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