My father once told me

the only reason

I’m so happy 

is because I’m too crazy

to know how lousy things are


Well, the ganja doesn’t hurt either


But it does help me

establish equilibrium

without taking Librium

and ensures a cheerful

sunny disposition


but all anyone

can ever do is criticize,

put down, ostracize,

etc etc et al

with all their other shit.


But hey,

Jesus did say

the unrighteous would

get into Heaven

before the self-righteous


which is really 

smashing news

for a chap like me


but I ain’t really

looking for salvation—

not just yet.

There’s still way

too many other conflicts

of which to be dealt.


I couldn’t bloody well

justify praying

to save my own ass

at this point.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

what did Frost write about miles to go before I sleep?

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Addressing the last seven

Addressing the last seven lines respectfully, when Salvation has been truly acquired, it allows  those other conflicts to be dealt with far more effectively.


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thanks for reading and

thanks for reading and commenting.

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Robert Frost

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/ But I have promises to keep,/ And miles to go before I sleep,  And miles to go before I sleep. R. F.




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Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for dropping by.