I ordered the chicken vindaloo

extra spicy with garlic naan

and basmati rice,

without suspecting,


that the chef,

devious bastard he is,

would take me at my word.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm a masochist and I don't ever seem to learn.  This is a one sentence poem.  Basically, it's a single sentence masquerading as a poem.  There's a publisher Right Hand Pointing that do these one sentence poems.  They introduced me to the style.

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Hey, You

got what you asked for. And he got revenge for all the wrongs done to him in his lifetime. Chefs everywhere know this. (cool write). slc



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masochist that I am I was

masochist that I am I was loving every minute of it.  I gave them a recommended on facebook before even leaving the restaurant.  The restaurant manager thanked me for the plug as I was walking out the door.  maybe some free garlic naan on my next visit?