“Children! I smell children!”


When I was a child

I had several recurring nightmares

that haunted me.


One of the worst ones

was Robert Helpmann;

the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


The dream would always start

with me and my siblings

and other children being separated

from our parents


Sometimes we were in the woods

Sometimes we were in the village

but always lost 

and trying to find our way home.


The child catcher was in pursuit

and was able to capture children

and lock them up in cages.


They’d be locked up

in the Paddy wagon

but fortunately

I’d manage to find

a small dose of courage.


I’d lead an uprising

and we would go on 

rescue missions against

the evil child catcher.


And ultimately

Freedom was attained for all.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of my worst recurring childhood dreams/nightmares.  I still shudder to think.

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Perhaps That Is Why

Traveling is your thing. :D




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so you're saying that I'm

so you're saying that I'm still running away from my fears.  I still haven't escaped my childhood.  thanks for reading and commenting.