Getting an email from Uber

informing me

that I can get my side hustle on

& earn extra cash.


I get similar emails from Lyft

also informing me 

of these great cash earning deals.


The emails arrive

like clockwork nearly every day.

I delete the emails;

they reappear a day later.


The ads offering me

this wondrous side hustle

show up on my facebook

& twitter feeds daily.


Maybe I should

get my side hustle on

and make all this extra cash.

I don’t have a driver’s license

or a car—

wonder if that will matter.




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allets's picture

Extra Band Width

I noted right after the bill passed that more pop-ups appeared suborning my security system. I had no pop-ups before that. I enjoyed this poem. Thanks for the chuckle - slc



georgeschaefer's picture

I guess it's the new junk

I guess it's the new junk mail.  At least it isn't hurting any trees.