Marco Rubio

was always pandering

to sound cool

and sway the youth crowd.


“I have Jay-Z

on my I-pod.  

See how hip I am?”


Oh, boy, Illuminati aside

Who gives a flying fuck?


My mother is a 77 year old

white woman

with stage 4 breast cancer

who adores Snoop Dogg.


And that was before

I introduced her

to alternative medicines

from California.


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Pandering to youth 18-25 crowd works - the cool factor. U.S. Senator from Florida, talk about rising star. Cuban immigrant parents, no way he becomes Prez.  slc



Beatnik1979's picture


does work....

but more over.....why?


are folks in that demographic so impressionable?

dont answer that...we both know the answer.


Hip can only carry you so far....


Hip Prez is like Friend Mom..

generally speaking....the kids are gonna walk all over her.

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Trump's Machine

Squashed him. It is a money game and the Trump message of anti what conservative are anti did the trick. Russian money supporting Trump (exposed 2 years later) helped tremendously to sway opinion. Rubio lost Florida in the primary, his home state. That's bad. The spatting between Rubio and other republican runners did not help either. 2020? Depends on who runs. Hopefully Pence with Trump ousted after the midterms. Rubio would eat Pence for a snack before lunch. I'm thinking Paul Ryan, the young Republican Conservative, soon to be ex-Speaker of usa House of Reps. The Dems have no clear candidate presently, hip or otherwise. Will they play the black candidate card? The woman candidate card? Hmmm... - slc



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thats a trip man....for sure!


that Rubio is one pandering ass dude, though..

and that type of grease even Dawn ain’t gonna cut.

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The Also Rans Club

You gain a lot of supporters and campaign contributors by running for Prez. National spotlight, that has got to be an ego booster. - slc