Vultures descend

upon my withered body

in some strange pecking order

of who gets my liver

and who gets my spleen.


My eyes are

greatly desired horse divers

with a juicy brain

for an entrée. 


These nightmarish visions

ravage my dreams

and I swear 

I’ll never order

pepperoni pizza

at midnight again.


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allets's picture

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Gee, I missed out on all the scarey ones, huh? Midnight Chinese food is pretty intersting too. Ha! - slc



georgeschaefer's picture

I am working on the chitty

I am working on the chitty chitty bang bang nightmare poem but I'm still grappling with the demons.

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If your eyes are the horse

If your eyes are the horse drivers - Isn’t your mind the chariot? Loved this write 

Let your teeth show

georgeschaefer's picture

If my mind is the chariot

If my mind is the chariot we're getting there slow.  It keeps breaking down.  thanks for the comment.

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that sounds like an intense dream. Scary. Bet you were happy to wake up.

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thanks, but ultimately still

thanks, but ultimately still not as frightening as my childhood Chitty Chitty Bang Bang nightmare.