Frothing, foaming

at the mouth

outside a Dead show

at the Spectrum

spouting off about

his blue purse blotter

that were supposed 

to be the bee’s knees.


But we were convinced

they weren’t as good

as our liquid

& so we traded off

just to prove

each other wrong.


& it was nice

listening to “Morning Dew”

in an enhanced state

& feeling no pain.


The moment dozed by

in miniscule doses

but the similes were sincere

and little else came of it.


Just move along to the next phase

of the subject at hand

but the Rat did give a thumbs up 

in the concourse

during the intermission.


It was a pretty happy night.




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Can't say we like rats...

But we did once imagine the Dead into our life. Got on the bus and now it's mine. Oh my, what a long strange trip, this life. 

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that was a nickname for a

that was a nickname for a fellow head on tour.  This goes back to 1985-86 period.  Ah, when we were young.  thanks for reading.

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85 or 86. That's when we first took one of those journeys with a musical note. Ah, yes, when we were so young... 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.