It’s official!


I’ve transitioned

from getting old

to being old.


I was at

a bachelor party 

watching a stag film.


Everyone was hootin’

& hollerin’

over the action on the screen.


I was sitting there,

incredulous look (I suspect)

on my face

thinking, “Damn!

That position can’t be comfortable."


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Excellent metaphor for

Excellent metaphor for aging.  Perhaps this is the reason my lady has essentially cut me off from romantic activity---perhaps to spare me from possible injury caused by unusual ambitions.  Doing so, I was reminded of an old saying I heard decades ago:  "Married men live longer than single men, but married men are not afraid to die."

Starward in process of becoming J-Called

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Yes! You are officially ONE OF US! Your Old Fart's Card is in the mail, put in wallet between Medicare Card and AARP Membership Card. (tee hee hee). That was a hoot! Thanks, I needed a laugh this month! slc