I was drinking

at the piano bar;

music was playing

and gin & tonics

and dry martinis 

ruled the day.


I was largely unimpressed.

I’m not a mover or a shaker

but I do know

a thing or two about booze

and sacraments

are best served without pretense.

The Gods are never impressed

with our bullshit delusions

of sophistication

and totally fucking insane

notions of “hipper than thou”


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What do I do with my hipper than thou attitude. I have cultivated it for al least a decade. Hip is were I live, hip is soooooooo coooooool and when I whip it out with my delusions, the world stops spinning. It's so big, where oh where could I possibly divest it and park it? My anthology is HIPology (Broadside Press) because as mostly a Detroiter, I'm so . . . :D