I used to wake-n-bake

and watch PeeWee’s Playhouse

on Saturday mornings

and now I’m starting

to wax nostalgic.


Although I don’t imagine

I’m helping his comeback odds

by admitting as much.


“Oh, well, a good damn hophead

likes that sick pervert.

Doesn’t that figure?”

We have to keep that monster

away from our children. 


It would play

right into the hands

of the religious right

and I never want 

to give them an assist.


So I’ll have to deny

my past entertainment

in order to save PeeWee

from some undue wrath.


It’s a lesson PeeWee

would do well to learn:

to spare the rod

instead of beating it.


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I Hope

I was supposed to laugh throughout this poem, because I howled. Go Pee We! The assist for  the right was - - it just was. :D



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laughter is still good for

laughter is still good for the soul