The Clock

Sitting back high to make time go by

Why can't I get it right one of these tries

And my dreams fading away when I close my eyes

Everything I've started has ended tragically

I'm always destroying all the good that I see

For some reason I'm out chasing some action

Ducking and dodging all of my life's passion

My clocks ticking, I feel it on the inside

While I'm twisting all the morals that I live by

All because I'm runnin from this pain

Storms clouds following me, I live in the rain 

Been ten years since I've seen the sunshine days

I know I gotta man up, take this fight on now

Sweating through the night, I don't know how

I can make it another second, soul screaming out loud

Keep on pushing towards making yourself proud

Time's up, nowhere left to run to

Takes a lot of climbing to get back to the old you

Tired of spending days waiting on my miracle

Feeling spiritual making my life lyrical

If you relate to what I'm saying then stand up

Quit hoping for a chance CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first post on here, don't know if I'd classify this as a poem or a partial song. Let me know what you think!! Thanks

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I Lied, I Comment

...tired of spending day waiting on my miracle...a wonderous line inside so much that is prosaic. There is feeling in it and it (longing for something to happen, appear, exist) is said in a new way - great line ~~A~~



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So you're implying that the

So you're implying that the whole piece had no feeling?