Scars cover your arms,

A reminder of the pain that caused the harm.

You smiled as if everything was okay,

Even though you were hurting each and every day.

Scars cover your arms,

A reminder of the pain that once caused the harm.

Some days you cried,

Without even knowing why.

Some people knew about the battles you were fighting,

Others didn't even know why you were hiding.

Sometimes your hands would shake and shiver,

Causing even deeper red rivers.

Now that you've found your one and only lover,

You feel as if your arms must always be covered.

You've tried creams and you've tried scars serums,

But the whispers you'll always hear 'em.

You've grown to hate the color red,

But it seems to never leaves your head.

As you reach for the blade once again,

Wishing and hoping it will all end.

In walks your one and only lover,

Wishing to see what lie beneathe the covers.

They grab your arms and whispers in your ears,

"I love you and I'm always here."

Just like magic the whispers stop,

While your heart feels like it will pop.

The wars in your head,

All seem to end.

Your lover holds you tight in their arms,

And never again do you want to harm.

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Stardust's picture

an inspiring read :) ur poem

an inspiring read :)

ur poem reinstates the belief "love can heal anything" :) good work

Flower's picture

Thank you <3

Thank you <3