Angel Becoming

I’ve learned all my lessons
The hardest ways
For you, you know
These fingers have hands, and my hands have arms
And these arms hold closest
The flesh to heart.
And you know I don’t even care
About my head, and come to think, I never did.
The most important things they go unsaid and so
Her eyes become the constant
Messenger between us, unable to lie - and lie in wait
Whenever she passes by - I try so hard to speak the volumes.
Something in her maybe clearly
Sees beyond uncertainty?
And abandons the chaos for someplace new
She knew she’d find eventually…
If I was buried, then with her I’m moved
To Find the will
And dig up myself to be.
To shake off the weary and tired feeling
Of all this life I’ve known so far
And embrace the thought of living and loving,
And the pains and pleasures that they are.
Perhaps we spoke… of building lives together…
In dreams before and only seemed
To recognize each other again and So Immediately…
With the fight to prevent projection begun, to hold close inside the
Depth and strength, and slowly make her see and know
The truth behind all these fears - are then abandoned,
As we know they have to be.
What would you like to know of love?
And do you see inside of me?
You know I swear I’ve found the comfort in this world.
Strangest days indeed.
All these songs are made to
Speak to her for me, then
Filled with something more like home,
And less like misery.
She makes me dream again!
Who’s washed those oceans of pain away
And broken tired suffering?
This Angel, I “see” becoming now,
Right In Front Of Me.
I’ve no desire to strangle beauty so
Gifted wild - lovely - free, but have her - near Me
And By her side
Grow old eventually.

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Stunning Beautiful Did I

Stunning Beautiful Did I mention This is Beautiful beyond stunning. Your words are inked so perfect on every line and oh my goodness it's like ink paper your heart and soul made magic and words came from that magic. Perfacto''! I will forever cherish in the thought of your write as I once now have believe in love and all can will be just fine God is good and So is Your Art of Ink

Poetess Chantelle Cherie 

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I just wanted to point out that this is the 2nd Oldest poem posted on the site...

Jason Minton
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Ok, you fiesty little shit :) I am on a role tonight, too. Give me time, my friend- Maybe I was saving the best for last? :) I read this one first, because I have an affection for angels. This was phenonmenoly beautiful and unique. I loved the line "she abandons chaos for someplace new" actually, I loved all the lines but, I think that was one of my favorites, along with the closing line "Gifted wild, lovely, free but have her near me" and then "by her side grow old eventually" What a piece of artwork this is, Fenris! Very beautifully written, from the heart and soul.

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With art like this

Where did u go? Enjoyed this early (2nd) post - allets

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