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What I want you to know about me...

I am a Beautiful Mess!!! I love to write,read,write and read. I have looks and brains but unfortunately got the Bipolar Manic Depression Anxiety OCD and I'm a Cutter!!! I know what you're thinking (bitch is crazy) but I'm not unless triggered that's what a lot of people fail to see. I'm not here for others to judge and I personally don't care what people think about me. You either like me love me or hate me no matter what another chooses to feel about me I'm still me regardless and once you get to know me I'm pretty damn cool just a bit flawed.

About My Navel

I have the cutest little navel of a belly button inside is where my tiny little butterflies reside. Sometimes they stay and just flutter around those are feelings of nervous other times they come fierce roaring out like they are the queens of my navel but that's when I am all giddy and giggles inside. Then at times it's just a navel an endless dark tunnel that only I can feel. Hey don't get sad it's okay it is still the cutest belly button navel.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Poetry, Prose, Meter, Shorts of Sorts, Quotes and Amything of new that comes of interest to me.

Hobbies are Reading, Sign language, Being outdoors, Coloring and Drawing


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