10 minute prose

What would I tell you?

If but all the things left unsaid

My heart overflows

But you can’t hear them

When did love become a field

That when plowed with such tender words

Becomes a battlefield

that runs red with the open wounds of untold thousands?

With the love in my heart my soul wishes for you

A brighter day than the last

Where we greet each day with a thought of each other

And end each in turn in an embrace.

Where a road not traveled

led to a grove of refreshing trees

and we stood unafraid in the clearing

confessing our love for each other

The sweet nothings, the sound of your breath in my ear

a melody of daily perfection

where we meet our fullness

in the bread that is the other’s mere presence?

Reality is our bread,

Pain it’s main course

Damned by our own limitations and longings

Of it we’ve had our fill

A tender expression,

a longing look,

a lingering touch

reminders of a love that cannot be

Forever is our course

Eternity is our damnation

That our paths had crossed earlier

So that our longing could be satisfied

So what’s leftover?

True love never dies.

It’s sad undeath remains


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