Tortured Love

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Our love is torture

Can’t you see?

That I am suffering

You say our love is met to be

But how can this be?


Our love is fire

It burns me to the core of my soul

Can I just blow it out?


Our love is passion

I can’t get enough of you

But you’re so far outta reach  


Our love is happiness

It’s like the sun and hearts all in one

Is this love that I’m in?




Our love is heartache

Sadness and sorrow all wrapped up with a bow

How can this be?

Weren’t we met to be?



Our love was nothing

As we were never truly met to be


Tears fall like rain drops on the window pane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please do not take this poem and make it as your own, if you want to  use it please ask me first before you take it also please give me credit if you do have permission to use it. Because I will be pretty upset if you use my poems and not give me credit or anything like that. Also If I don’t know you I will not let you use it I don’t want to one day look on the internet and my poem is posted up and your name written on it I will know if you do so, I work really hard on my poems and wouldn’t like it if someone else took credit for my work. What good would it do you if you stole my work anyways?  Would it make you feel better that you stole work that wasn’t even yours to begin with.



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