Reckless love

Free Flow

Lost in love
Burned by mistrust
Abused by the muse
I once chose to love

Dark mornings lead to cloudy nights
Hearts bruised by dishonesty
My blood stains the Sheets
Caught up in turmoil
Damn, I can't breathe

Tired and full of rage
Wishing the pain would just go away
Coughing up blood baths
As my soul bleeds hate
Wishing you were dead
Your such a disgrace

No one knows you like i do
Behind closed doors the devil scores
Bashing skulls as adultery sings
As bullshit walks tall like a man
You think your a king
Damn, what a dream

Your nothing,
Just look into the mirror
Those are my scars you see
Those are my tears on your shirt
The sweat that poured out my body
As i fought for my life
And you think your a king
Praising God, thinking your going to heaven
Thats a big laugh if i ever heard one
Because i got your card Nicca

And I am pulling your teeth
Knocking you off your feet
Three to the dome
Four to the chest
In hell is where your body will rest
High off the everglades of life
You started this shit
So I had to fight for my life

Bound in chains the pain still reins
But to you i am no longer a slave
Freed by the nine as i unleashed dem bullets
No longer will i be your victim
No longer will you rape me of my life
Now that im free
Now that we are free
I will show love to our seed

The hour glass has broken
The time will never change
Never go in reverse
So there will be no replay
As life moves with in me
I shall only remember
What i held onto to make me stronger
What gave me the courage
To only forward
Our seed was the only good thing
Living in this reckless marriage

(c) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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