Correct Me If I'm Right...


Correct me if I am right,
You can into my life like a thief in the night
Sweeping me off my feet
Drowning me in the sheer essence of love
As you allowed me to get lost in you
I open up my world to you
As you showed me things
My heart as never seen
Only love given as a perfect dream
As we danced the sun rose
High in the sky
Damn you left me floating high
With smile so big
It could be seen from miles away

Yes, please correct me if I am right
We pledged our love before Christ
We said our vows from the heart
We exchanged our rings
We kissed and i throw the bouquet
We danced all night with our family and friends
We tool thousands of pictures
To remember this very special day

So what do i do now when i see you with her
In the arms of another woman
Correct me if I am right
You pledged you love to me unconditionally
So how am I to react
When I see the man I choose to love
Flirting and carrying on with another woman
Just looking at you and her
Makes me wish I was dead
As I stand here with my heart in my hand
I never thought this day would come
To catch the man i love Cheating

Correct me if I am right
Out of your mouth you said it would never happen
Well what the hell is this i see
Oh hell no, you just kissed her
Let me pull up a seat
Because I want you to see my face
When you realize your busted
When you know my trust has been broken
I don't want you to try and deny this
Trust me I am not going to make a seen
Oh no, not just yet...

I told myself it was too good to be true
But I gave myself to you
Took cake of you because I loved you
And you played me like a fool
Oh waiter can I order please
Yes, I would like a Remy on the rocks
And could you make it a double
By the way could you send
Your best Champaign over to
My husband and his mistress
Please attach this note for me
"I am going to love my Alimony"
Signed you wife, Enjoy!!
Now look up and to the right
Smile and wave
Cause your busted

Correct me if I am right
There is no need for you to return home
Cause you want be sleeping in my bed
You want be making love to me any more
And you damn sure want be filling my head with bull
Cause I don't ever care to hear it
I was a good loving wife to you
Hell I put you two children through school
And do you think i want you back
After you been with her
Hell I'll fuck my self before i lay down with you
I hope she was worth it
Because you have truly lost it
The house is in my name
And it will be up for Auction
Come first thing in the morning
So will your Benz
So I hope the bitch got cab fare
Or some comfortable shoes
Cause yall will be walking tonight
I just had the car towed
Lmao!! isn't this some funny shit

Correct me if I am right
You thought your ass was a player
Sorry to bust your bubble
But you just got played
So don't come trying to raise hell with me
You can just charge it to the game..

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington