Prick the Finger

Abomination of the omen,

desolate temple of a false religion 


One world under one 

spirit of an Antichrist 


Come to lead the world

into inferno 


A child,

who will be worshipped as god


Thorns will cascade,

the briar will grow


Many will prick their finger on the spinning

wheel and die


Taking the mark of the beast 

forever in bondage to a lie


The bottomless pit will swallow them all,

filling the belly of the beast 


Many will knock at heavens 

gate and be rejected 


Gods will be



and for “his” crime 

he will burn


thrown into the lake of



scorched into



Never again to 



The prophecy fulfilled,

the book closed forever

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ramonathompsont's picture

this is way awesome. would

this is way awesome. would make a great heavy metal song!

EventHorizon's picture

I listen to a lot of death

I listen to a lot of death metal and am a lot of poems try to be in that spirit. Appreciate your feedback.