Solitary Truth Of Heart

Oh faithful solitary truth of heart

your distant echo fills my ears.

Within the upright search there are

grand epochs of relief you share,

and like the forecast winds of March

your stirring stalwarts calm my fears.

Engage oh solitary truth of heart

bear Autumn's golden gown with pride

and brave the offing from afar

with placid grace and ageless time.

Oh foursquare soldier truth of heart

your steadfast post secures my mind.

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Charisma's picture

came over from passions to read some of your poetry here. You already know how I admire your poetry, and this poem is no exception. Charisma

Alyson Mays's picture

Oh Eric, What could I ever say about this one. Amazing would be a start. I never even thought to write about this, though the thoughts have crossed my mind. Beyond my expectations my friend. Love, aly

eltrue's picture

To Alyson

Thank you so much for the visit and the commendation, much appreciated.

People don't run out of dreams they just run out of time.