Therapy (02/13-15/2015)

Adult Themes

"Before we get started please tell me, how firm do you like it, and is there any particular area you'd like me to focus my attention? "

Umm, I'll let you know if it's too much to handle, and I'd like a general full body, and to myself 'the rest I shouldn't mention.'

"One more thing before we begin, a slight disclaimer, a caveat, perhaps a bit of a warning."

I ask what, then he replies, "there may be brief moments that feel like torture, but I guarantee that even at that, you'll love me in the morning."

Cute. He's self-assured, and perhaps a little cocky, but he can back it up because before now I never knew that my ankle could be an erogenous zone.

And I better zone out and think pure thoughts before I start to writhe and moan.

"Please try not to tense up and remember to control your breathing, it's normal to experience some pain, but only for a bit."

It's not pain but pleasure that's got me clenching, hyperventilating, nearly speaking in I'm having an epileptic fit.

"Work with me and stay relaxed; I have to take care of this node."

I see why they call this technique "trigger point" cuz one small flex of his finger has me ready to explode.

If he could read my errant thoughts, catch the invitations that my contented sighs are sending, 

He'd climb aboard as I lie facedown on the table and enjoy a truly happy ending. 

"Do you mind if I unhook your bra and need to pull back the sheet?"

Do whatever you need to...your access to my body is unfettered and complete.

He eases the way with aromatic lotions, friction and tension reducing with every pass.

His palms glide across my skin like smoke passing over glass.

With warm oils and deft fingers, he's rubbing to the rhythm of the background music playing.

The ambient scent and sensation enrobe me as we breathe in unison... And do I feel his hands straying?

Oh no, I mean yes...he's turned his attention to the sensitivity of my inner thigh.

His ministrations will be my undoing, if I get any more aroused, I think I'll probably release a final shuddering gasp and "die".

He's using all his weight, grinding into my flesh with rotational motion, then retreats and repeats up and down my back.

Every sense is engaged; it's an expert, multipronged attack.

"Is the pressure perfect?" My God, you have no idea...don't stop, I mean, yes of course, it's fine.

Hell, I can't be held responsible for what I say or think when his firm hands are kneading my behind.

And what I'm needing, well that's easy, just keep doing what you're doing.

Because his long, strong, confident strokes have erotic fantasies brewing.

I wince...he hit a tender spot. "I'm sorry. Am I hurting you? Let me know if I'm pushing too hard."

No, as instructed I'll just breathe through it, we have to break the knots in those neglected muscles so they don't become atrophied and scarred.

As he comes up to take care of my neck and shoulders, I'm tempted to lick and suck and bite.

If I inch up and forward just a bit, I can reach; my face is at the perfect height.

Two seconds before I embarrass us both with an offer of the sublime,

The lights come up, and I hear the dreaded, "Miss Bingham, that's our time."

Good timing because my tip for him would be a request that he give his tip to me.

And not just the tip, but to the hilt... A redefining of just how deep deep tissue can be.

"I trust I provided you an enjoyable experience. Did you find the relief you seek?"

Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. So yes, same time next week.

I'm feeling like a cougar on the prowl. Is this one-sided? This is his job;he's a professional. I need to go home, unwind with a glass of wine and take steaming shower.

But then he grabs my hand, gives a knowing smile as he looks me in the eye with a wink and says, "Next week I need some extra time to really work your lower half, so let's make that session a 2 hour."

He is the best I've ever had, my body is sated, my mind blown; it's best if I bite my tongue.  

This is that awkward moment when your massage therapist is scintillating, hot...and young.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never wrote sensual or erotic poetry until recently. I had a really good massage on Friday 2/13/2015. I was inspired and hoping I would remember the verses that were coming to me during my appointment. This was the result.

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Great descriptive writing,

Great descriptive writing, extremely enjoyable read, and yes it was erotic and hot. My hands... (applause - smiles) go out to you. Absolutely love it!