I Am A Dark Poet


I am a dark poet

nothing more, nothing less.

I will never experience

joy or happiness.


I write about suicide.

I write about murder.

I write about depression

and other subjects further.


Suicide on my mind

and death in my soul,

I wonder if I'll ever

be considered whole.


Everyday at school

a plastic smile on my face,

and you think Im happy

but that is not the case.


I am full of depression,

insecurity, and anger.

There is no possibility

of me being tamer.


Unless, of course,

I kill myself.

And put this life

up on the shelf.


Only then,

will I be at peace.

And safe,

from the world's pain, at least.


But Death may have something

in store for me when I die.

And I have no choice

but to sit there and not wonder why.


For if it is Hell,

then that's what I deserve.

And if it is Heaven,

the he's got some nerve.


For now I'm stuck here,

tortured everyday.

I need to kill myself,

it's the only way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is pretty heavy, I wrote this when I was very depressed. Ironically, I wrote this in study hall 2 years ago and now I'm posting it on here while I'm in study hall. Any criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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deen's picture

I am depressed

I think as you think, i am depressed and i think you are also. You are poet as am i and poets have no restraction anyway. Read my depression quotes

allets's picture

Depression Happens

Sometimes, not all the time - if so seek help and meds - poem okay, a downer as intended - allets