The Red Velvet Chamber



Come lover, tether here

Let the unseen be known by courage

   nourished on faith, doubt be soothed in 

      blessed comfort sustained with devotion

Cocoon, o sensual merkabah

   sacred center of the mandala

   red velvet chamber of unbridled bliss

   anchored beyond this mundane abyss 

   where none dare disturb our deathless kiss

It is the place we've always been 

   since before we can remember when


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Starward's picture

Quite a beautiful evocation,

Quite a beautiful evocation, even mystical.


[* /+/ ^]

DSR.Summar's picture

Thank You Starward_()_

Grateful for your kindness:)

Stephen's picture

Very beautiful write.


DSR.Summar's picture

Thank You Stephen_()_

an ode in honour of Romantic Love on its appointed day:)