Heron Clan October 24, 2021

Six Hours Away

I am curled in your dreams, waiting,

Waiting your return to this realm,

Spending the hours you sleep,

Dreaming, of our tomorrows, when,

Awake at the same time, we touch,

Caress. Now, I hold the phantom of your body, missing from my life.

I pray, and I plead, barter with the universe and gods,

To put us in the common air, common landscape of each other's skin.

I want to touch that skin,

To match it to the words from my lips,

Glide over your tender reply,

But, ‘til distance, vanished, and I feel the touch of your response,

Taste and scent memories will fill the empty times that you sleep,

While I, in my daylight life, live without you.

I’m As Far Away As I Can Get

I’ll keep the world safe 

While you sleep.

I’ll watch the sun progress,

While you slumber.

I’ll live in the light,

When you succumb to the dark.

I’ll breathe daylight air,

While you stretch on empty sheets.

Until we flip end upon earth,

And it is me, dreaming,

And you, 

Greeting the world, 

I’ll keep the world,


While you sleep. 


For Caitlyn: Paint the Toilet


Painting toilet paint on the walls,

She wreaks havoc in the halls,

A basting brush and a handy source of water,

A commode to me, but to a granddaughter...

A magic, glimmering, bucket of paint.

Oh, say it ain't,

Oh say it ain't so.

She's painting toilet water 

on the walls.







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A grandmother's work is never done


may your wishes soon be fulfilled

a lovely poem



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A grandmothers work

So true I chase toliet brushes around my house.  She's a handful.

And my wishes to be in the same landscape have come true.  Soon I am sure to be vanquish when he leaves to live 4000 miles away.  Oh well. We had 2 years. A trip to Italy might be in my future if other new lovers don't distract me.