Heron Clan Reading: July 25, 2021

Princess Hair 


Her hair was not,

Her crowning glory.

In fact, it brought tears to her

Most every day.

So, she swept it, that day,

All to one side,

Just to get it,

out of the way.

Its frail ends crinkling,

crinkling with old age,

old age and untidiness,all

swept, all swept loosly

in a one-sided long tail.

Her granddaugther,

at the early youth age

of 2

and a half


her grandmother's face.

She brightened and chirped,

Oh! her voice twinkled,

Princess hair.



I Feel Like I'm Cheating


I feel like I’m cheating,

when I,


my granddaughter’s favorite bowl. 

I can hear her saying,

"That’s mine, Greema!"

Though she’s miles and miles away. 

I smile, and

Use it 

gleefully, secretly pleased,


It’s my favorite bowl,

as well. 

Coffee Kisses


Yellow tang of sun 

Steam speaks soft in chestnut sighs

Dark roasted kisses

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