A He and an Art in Heart

Heart desires:

     rein in your fears

          be open to fail

               and start again.

There's a he and an art, in Heart. 

I desire Heart

     together, whole

          to fulfill, my

               hearts desire. 
There's a he in heart. 
Desired Heart

     not to define,but



There's art in Heart.




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a heart seeks love in all

a heart seeks love in all aspects of life

ron parrish

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Hear and Ear

are in heart too - well received.


I hear what your heart says,

my ear not able to speak.
He is an artform; who heard

the beat loud as nearby thunder,

sudden as an insane drummer

seeking bedlam.








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Insane drummer seeking bedlam. Awesome line 

this was a prompt for art journal the first lines my answer to said prompt.  My desires always return to desire. I desire desire. My constant search. 
thanks for the read. And the poem. Always a talent.
Earth without art is just eh.  

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Good poem, and play on the

Good poem, and play on the word "Heart."


[* /+/ ^]

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Inspired by

Earth without Art it's just "eh."

thanks. A journal prompt what's your hearts desire.