Washes of Hues

Washes of hues, confuse

the binge of sound.

Noises in the head, scrape

against the colors,

in the brain.

The din maddening, 

Deafening the need,

to think. 

Quiet little harbingers,

Quiet little aches of loss,

Rise undulating in her mind,

Dancing, tauntingly 'til,

She couldn't take it anymore. 

Constant affection, disaffection 

In truth,

Blurred the hues

that scraped the mind

That binged the brain

in metronomes of sound 

all around.

All resound 

To drive her crazy. 

He did that. 

He made her crazy.

He made her crazy,

So that one night she just flew.

It wasn’t a long flight,

Just a gesture to the wind

As she was gone. 

Metronome of maestros

pounding in her brain,



The hues can’t erase

Swirling water-tones

of pigment 

She see inside her eyes.

The pattern on his jacket,

Buried tear stained face,

Sepia yellows, grayed blues,

Shadows begging for a palette,


Sleep eludes, scrapes

the brain

washes tints

to form

the gone-ness of time

On the tempered paper

Of her mind. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Tempered paper mixing my metaphors hardened paper. My brain is always a paper bag.

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allets's picture


often humans must disengage and go to the most soothing place hoping it is not invaded by the hell escaped. I know. "She just flew." ~S~



djtj's picture

Fav imagine

Just to fly off.  it's also a kiss fingertip flip off gesture to the sky I tend to use. 
I've been watercoloring and I see colors blending in my minds eye now. Very annoying lol.  
thanks for the read.  

patriciajj's picture

Some brilliant wordcrafting:

Some brilliant wordcrafting: the breathless style is a perfect vehicle for the descent into madness that is powerfully depicted with jaw-dropping wordplay such as "binge of sound" and "scraped the mind".


I relished the innovative metaphors, the visuals, that surged through the sentence fragments—cleverly chosen to give the feel of a frantic grasping for comprehension in a storm of crushing emotion. 


This packs quite a punch: a testament to your talent. 



djtj's picture

Thank you

I must say I really like this one and thank you for so succinctly getting it and giving me a name for the style I tend to write in.  Breathless...matches my voice I've been told that tends to be breathy.  Or is that my poetic voice.  I appreciate your read and the innovative metaphors mention...

Hope all is well with you

Thanks again